50 Rural Voices for gender equality

Youth Empowerment through Civic Engagement and Skills Development

Youth Empowerment through Civic Engagement and Skills Development is a core program of Online Knowledge Society which covers Poverty, Social Safety Net, Income Generation, Family and Collective Entrepreneurship Development, Governance of Public Services, Agriculture, Biodiversity and Climate Change, Women Empowerment, Fear of Violence (FoV), and Violence against Women (VaW), Policy and Governance issues. A model of 1 volunteer for 1 family/village has been developed to engage the youth volunteers to deal with the social issues which impact the lives of villagers and through dealing with the issues at the local and national level, the youth will gather in-depth knowledge and skills bout the issues which will turn them to the leadership.

International Women’s Day 2023

Online Knowledge Society has taken the opportunity of International Women’s Day 2023 to engage its new cohort of volunteers to engage with their own community to identify women’s day issues, read about the women empowerment training module, and lunch a social media campaign.

The volunteers have gone to their communities and talked with them about International Women’s Day 2023 and captured photos for social media campaigns. Online Knowledge Society took the method of `fun and learn’ to make the social media campaign enjoyable. We planned to collect 10 volunteers from the two regions but got responses from 40 volunteers from 4 districts (Khulna, Gaibandha, Dinajpur, Satkhira).

For the social media campaign, volunteers have written a demand in a white paper on International Women’s Day 2023 and taken a photo with the demand paper, and posted it on Social Media, particularly on Facebook. As a team leader, I have talked with the volunteers every day at messenger to inspire them and write blog posts on women’s day issues.

Online Knowledge Society organized a webinar (using messenger) with its volunteers to plan and execute the Social Media Campaign in just a week. And the volunteers have given a great response. Cheers up Volunteerism.

W 50 Rural Voices for Gender Equality

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