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Loss and Damages of Flood 2020

“Two hundred and fifty people have died in the flood-hit areas of the country this year. Most of them have drowned. However, 67,301 people have been affected by various diseases including diarrhea, skin diseases and bronchitis in the 33 flood-hit districts. Of these, half are diarrhea”, the information came up in the report ,‘Update on Natural Disasters and Flood Deaths’ of the control room of the National Health Crisis Management Center of the Department of Health. The data for the last two months from June 30 to August 28 was released. Of the 251 people in the flood-hit area, 210 drowned, 13 were struck by lightning, 25 by snake bites, one by diarrhea and two by injuries. The update has published at Daily Ittefaq today.

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